Holiday cancellation

You’ve spent months planning and dreaming of your vacation, but life can get in the way. Protect yourself from the financial loss if you:

  • must cancel your trip prior to departure
  • must return home on a date other than originally scheduled
  • miss a connection

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  • Non-refundable portion of prepaid airfare, land and surface arrangements
  • Extra cost of one-way economy airfare home (if the transportation cost is included in the holiday package)
  • Single supplement if your travelling companion must cancel
  • Extra cost of economy transportation to destination (in event of missed connection)
  • Unused portion of prepaid travel costs due to excessive delay
  • Extra cost of economy transportation to join or rejoin a tour or group
  • Loss of life - up to $7,500 for transport of deceased home, or up to $5,000 for cremation or burial at place of death
  • Up to $25 per transaction for service fees to change a reservation
  • Service fees for travel advice or service (when indicated on the invoice at time of booking)

It is important to select the benefits that will cover the TOTAL cost of your trip and that EVERY member of your family travelling together is covered.


Coverage may only be purchased within 72 hours of time of deposit, cancellation or penalty period.

Maximum coverage period is 183 days.

Benefits are payable when forced to cancel your trip arrangements prior to departure, you return prior to or later than originally scheduled, or you miss a connection at a holiday departure point due to risks covered.

Please Note:


No refunds are available for this plan.


No extension is available for this plan.

The information on this page is for reference only. For complete coverage details, please refer to the Airfare and Holiday Cancellation Terms and Provisions. In the event of any difference between the terms here and those of the Terms and Provisions, the terms of the provisions shall prevail.