Wellness plan

Optimal health can no longer be defined only by an individual’s physical or mental health. Our wellness plan supports your whole mind and body with virtual resources encompassing multiple dimensions of wellness, including emotional, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical and social. 

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Plan overview

Our wellness plan is focused on holistic health and offers a range of proactive and preventive online tools and supports that can be accessed on the go or from the comfort of home on our wellness platform at wellness.mb.bluecross.ca.

Programs & services

Online mental health community support

Get additional support for your mental health and well-being in a safe, online community with our partner Togetherall. Benefits include the opportunity to anonymously connect with others experiencing similar situations, thoughts and feelings in a safe and supported platform that is fully moderated by clinical professionals.

Virtual fitness program

Find a wide variety of virtual fitness solutions tailored to your unique abilities and goals through our partner LIFT session. Benefits include workout programs built specifically for each individual that adapts to your ever-changing fitness journey and guidance and support from a live coach.

Parent, guardian and caregiver support

Access parenting, guardian and caregiver support through our partner Torchlight. Benefits include trustworthy resources to help you tackle everyday and out-of-the-ordinary challenges, expert advice, one-on-one advising sessions and an online community to learn and share with your peers while navigating the challenges of caring for children and/or elderly loved ones.

Sleep program

Take control of your sleep and improve your physical and mental health by exploring the cause of any sleep difficulties and getting support for a more restful sleep. Personalized strategies may include a sleep consultation, sleep study, cognitive behavioural therapy or RestEd, which is a six-week, internet-based, self-guided program to learn how to identify and change thoughts and behaviours that may lead to sleeplessness.

Financial planning and retirement resources

Gain valuable information and tools to effectively plan for retirement and the future. This also includes access to a three-hour virtual workshop that will cover a variety of topics and answer many questions about affordability, pensions, investments and government income sources.

Topics include:

  • demystifying the financial planning process.
  • performing a financial wellness checkup.
  • understanding your finances and taxes.
  • exploring sources of retirement income.
  • gaining knowledge on the amount of money needed to retire comfortably.

The wellness plan is available through an annual subscription of $60 plus applicable taxes. (A Manitoba Blue Cross benefits plan is not required to purchase the wellness plan as an individual.)

Our digital wellness platform

The wellness plan is housed on our digital wellness platform at wellness.mb.bluecross.ca. Discover a range of complimentary wellness resources and services to support you.

Take the wellness assessment!

After completing the 10-minute assessment, receive curated content, tips and resources to help build wellness-affirming habits, routine and knowledge.

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  • Your mental health is important to us. Mental health is an intrinsic part of health and well-being, as much as dental and vision care. That’s why we support you with mental health coverage in several of our plans, including professional counselling.
  • You get comprehensive, specialized coverage. With a Manitoba Blue Cross plan, you get the coverage you need, including specialized offerings, such as foot care nurse, athletic therapy coverage, hostel care and treat-no-transport ambulance coverage. We also offer paramedical benefits such as homeopathy, osteopathy and nutritional counselling.
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  • Your convenience is key. With direct billing, your health care costs can often be paid directly to the service providers, so you are not out of pocket while you wait for reimbursement.