Risks covered

Airfare Cancellation Protection and Holiday Cancellation Protection

This coverage excludes loss caused or contributed to by a cause of cancellation, which existed at the time of application. If the cause of cancellation is a pre-existing condition, benefits are payable only if the attending physician verifies that the condition was completely Stable and Controlled based on the pre-existing stability period.

  1. If you are compelled to cancel your scheduled departure due to:
    • the death, sickness, or bodily injury of,
      • yourself, or
      • a member of your immediate family, or
      • a travel companion, or
      • a member of your travel companion's immediate family
    • the death or hospitalization of your host at destination, or
    • a fire, disaster or natural disaster that renders your principal residence uninhabitable, or
    • being summoned for jury duty, quarantined, hijacked, or
    • being subpoenaed as a witness in a case being heard during the term of this policy (excluding law enforcement officers), or
    • a transfer by your employer requiring moving your permanent residence 160 km (100 miles) or more within 30 days of the scheduled departure or scheduled return date, or
    • the involuntary loss of permanent employment provided that employment had been with the same employer for more than one year from date of purchase. (A claim must be substantiated by a letter from your employer.)
    • cancellation of a business meeting, as defined, because of sickness, injury or death of the person with whom the meeting had been arranged in advance.
    • a travel advisory and/or travel warning issued by the Canadian Government after the date the trip is booked, recommending not to travel to the contracted destination on the contracted dates.
  2. If you are compelled to return prior to or later than the original scheduled return date and/or to incur certain expenses due to a delayed return because of the occurrence of one of the events in 1 (a) to 1 (i) of this section, then you shall be entitled to the benefits that are in accordance with the coverage selected on the application.