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About one in five Canadians will experience an addiction in their lifetime – and the same number of children will grow up with a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol. The emotional, financial, legal, health and other impacts of an addiction extend far beyond the person engaging in the abuse.

If you or a family member is suffering from an addiction, find our resources and additional supports below.



More than ever, a "family unit" in Canada can mean many different things. Married, common-law, separated, divorced, adopted and blended households make up a landscape of Canadian families.

When we find ourselves in new territory – whether that's a different family structure or a new role – we might need some new tools, resources and skills to help us navigate effectively.



People under financial stress are more likely to experience issues with personal relationships and poor health – from headaches to poor sleep to heart disease and mental health concerns.

While financial stress is not uncommon, affecting about half of us at some point in our lives, many of us are lacking in financial basics. Explore our resources and invest in your financial health today.


Mental health

One in five Canadians will have a mental health concern in their lifetime. Directly or indirectly, all Canadians are affected at some time through a family member, friend or colleague.

Mental health encompasses our ability to function in life, work and relationships, as well as the way we think and feel, our resilience and our physical health.

Whether you or a loved one has a mental illness or are experiencing a difficult time with mental health, find help and answers to questions here or reach out for support.


Nutrition & wellness

Goal setting is demonstrated to be an important part of making healthy lifestyle changes, but success relies on more than setting a clear target.

Our wellness resources focus on simple and attainable ways to establish and maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Start laying the groundwork for your wellness today.



Research indicates that couples tolerate unhappiness for an average of six years before getting help. Unsurprisingly, the motivation and drive to improve our relationships is at its highest before we've become exhausted by years of frustration and resentment.

Seeking resources and information is a great first step towards nurturing your relationship today.



Investing in activities related to self-improvement can help you enhance existing strengths, develop new skills, improve your mental health, make better decisions and enjoy healthier relationships.

A self-improvement activity can be as simple as committing to read one short article a week. Check out our resources below as a starting point.



The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work. Not only does work occupy our time,
it impacts our quality of life outside the workplace.

Effective working relationships and a supportive, positive culture are just some of the things that make work rewarding. But how do we get there? Explore our workplace resources today.


Yoga & meditation

In difficult times, it may feel like challenges are constant. The emotions, the thoughts and the stress often feel overwhelming and you might not know where to turn to find relief. In partnership with Ashley Voth Yoga, we want to help you find a sense of peace and calmness. This Soul Nourishment program includes a series of yoga, meditation and mudras to bring you support whenever you need it.

Each topic includes yoga and mudra videos and an audio meditation that you can do on your own time – anywhere from 4 to 20 minutes.

Yoga and meditation will help bring you to rest at any time, wherever you are. While mudras will help to bring your awareness inward, with each hand gesture having a unique effect on the energy channels within the body. Practicing these hand gestures gives you a tool you can use anywhere to nourish your soul.

Some of the content within the following Soul Nourishment program may require physical exertion, may be strenuous and may cause or aggravate physical injury. Manitoba Blue Cross recommends that you consult a physician before engaging in or otherwise using this content.

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If you are in crisis, in need of immediate assistance or are experiencing thoughts of suicide:

  • Call 911 or your local emergency services or go to the emergency ward of your local hospital
  • Contact Klinic Crisis Line at 204.786.8686 or toll-free at 1.888.322.3019