Why choose Manitoba Blue Cross?

You are our priority. As a not-for-profit, we prioritize you, not the bottom line. Every dollar we make is reinvested back into our products and services, as well as our communities and people.

Your mental health is important to us. Mental health is an intrinsic part of health and well-being, as much as dental and vision care. That’s why we support you with mental health coverage in several of our plans, including professional counselling.

You get comprehensive, specialized coverage. With a Manitoba Blue Cross plan, you get the coverage you need, including specialized offerings, such as foot care nurse, athletic therapy coverage, hostel care and treat-no-transport ambulance coverage. We also offer paramedical benefits such as homeopathy, osteopathy and nutritional counselling.

You’re part of the renowned Blue Cross network: We offer products from the most recognized and trusted name in health coverage in Canada.

We are a local business. With a walk-in customer service centre conveniently located in Winnipeg, excellent relationships with your health care practitioners and a focus on our community, being a Manitoba business is about more than just our postal code.

You can access services your way. From our award-winning call centre and walk-in customer service centre to 24/7 access to claim and benefit information online and through our mobile app, you can find information, assistance and resources quickly and easily.

Your convenience is key. With direct billing, your health care costs can often be paid directly to the service providers, so you are not out of pocket while you wait for reimbursement.

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