Annual travel plan

When you need emergency medical care away from home, the costs can quickly add up, and Manitoba Health does not fully cover you when you are out of the province. Protect yourself with Manitoba Blue Cross coverage.

Designed for the frequent traveller, get year-round emergency travel health coverage on trips of 32 days or less. This comprehensive plan is ideal for Manitoba residents with vacation property in another province.

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Emergency Travel Health Benefits

Travel Health Benefits are covered to a maximum of $5,000,000 per person, per claim to a lifetime maximum of $5,000,000 per person.

The following Travel Health Benefits are applicable to sudden, unexpected or unforeseen emergency treatment only:

  • Hospital in-patient and out-patient coverage.
  • Medical and surgical coverage.
  • Ambulance coverage.
  • Coverage for emergency evacuation from a mountain, body of water or other remote location, by a commercial operator licensed to convey passengers when a regular ambulance service cannot be used, to a maximum of $5,000 per person.
  • Economy air transportation home by stretcher.
  • Dental care to natural teeth when necessitated by a direct accidental blow to the mouth. Maximum coverage $3,000 per accident.
  • Emergency relief of dental pain to a maximum of $300.
  • Up to $7,500 towards the cost of transporting the deceased home, or up to $5,000 for cremation or burial at place of death.
  • Private duty nursing.
  • Additional board and lodging expenses incurred beyond the original duration of your trip by an immediate family member or friend covered by a Manitoba Blue Cross Travel Health Plan remaining with you during your hospitalization.
  • Coverage for transportation to your bedside, while you are confined to hospital for at least three days outside of Manitoba. Transportation coverage also allowed for a family member to identify the deceased prior to release of the body, if required by law. Coverage includes round-trip economy airfare on a commercial flight via the most direct cost-effective route from Canada to the place where the illness or accident occurred.
  • Coverage for commercial accommodations and meals for a person travelling to the bedside or travelling to identify a deceased family member to a combined maximum of $200 per day to a maximum benefit payment of $2,500.
  • Physiotherapy provided in a hospital.
  • Chiropractic and/or podiatrist services.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Repair or replacement of prescription eyeglasses or contact lens or lenses due to accident or injury to a maximum of $100.
  • An allowance of $40 per day for each day you are hospitalized. Maximum coverage $1,000.
  • Return of your vehicle if you become totally disabled and are unable to drive, to a maximum of $4,000.
  • Medical evacuation to a hospital in Canada. Prior approval must be obtained from Manitoba Blue Cross.
  • Additional cost, of the most direct return economy flight to Manitoba from the place where you were hospitalized, including the cost of return economy flight for a nurse if nursing care is required during your flight home. This benefit is also available to your family (applicant, spouse and dependent children) or one friend who is also covered by a Manitoba Blue Cross travel health policy travelling with you at the time of injury or onset of illness.
  • Additional cost of return economy airfare for an escort to accompany your children (up to 18 years) to Manitoba in the event you have been air evacuated to Canada for medical reasons.
  • Coverage up to a combined maximum of up to $500 per pet for:
  • ~Commercial kennel or cost of returning an accompanying pet to your home city in Manitoba in the event you are hospitalized for a minimum of three days as an in-patient.
  • ~Emergency veterinary care due to an unexpected injury of accompanying pet.
  • International Travel Assistance: the provision of 24 hour worldwide assistance for medical situations arising out of emergency illness or accident requiring hospitalization or medical treatment.
International Travel Assistance

Failure to contact the Travel Assistance service prior to receiving any treatment may invalidate coverage.

Medical Emergency While TravelIing

Contact the international travel assistance service immediately for benefits verification and procedures.

• In Canada and United States, call toll free 1.866.601.2583

• In all other countries, or if you are having difficulties with the toll free number, call collect 204.775.2583 (country code may be required)

• If unable to call collect, place the call and submit your detailed receipt for the long distance charges with your claim.

For general inquiries, call Manitoba Blue Cross at 204.775.0151 or 1.888.596.1032 (toll-free).


To be eligible for travel health coverage you must be covered by Manitoba Health for the entire duration of the period of coverage. Coverage is available up to and including age 74. If purchased prior to your 75th birthday, coverage is effective for the entire duration of the coverage term.

Annual Coverage must be purchased prior to departure from Manitoba and the trip must originate and terminate in Manitoba.

To be eligible to apply for coverage under a Manitoba Blue Cross Travel Plan, the applicant, spouse and dependents must not:

  • be travelling outside Manitoba with the intent to seek medical advice, surgery, treatment or a second opinion, even if the trip is on the recommendation of a physician or other medical professional.
  • have been advised by their physician or other medical professional not to travel.
  • have had two or more major strokes. (Strokes that have resulted in symptoms that lasted for more than 24 hours).
  • require home oxygen.
  • be receiving kidney dialysis.
  • have received a terminal prognosis.
  • have been diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Please Note:

  • A pre-existing stability period will apply.
  • Students attending classes outside of Manitoba are not eligible for this plan.
  • Travellers who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine but are not vaccinated will not be eligible for coronavirus-related health claims.


No refunds are available except in the case of duplicate Manitoba Blue Cross travel coverage.


Need Additional Days?

Not available for applicants age 55 to 74, all trips under the Annual Travel Plan must be 32 days or less and cannot be extended.                            

Any extension purchased to extend coverage beyond the 32-day limitation will invalidate all coverage for that trip.

Available for applicants under age 55 (on the effective date of term of coverage).

If you're planning a trip in excess of 32 days, you must purchase additional days of coverage.

* Additional days are not available for purchase online.

Prior to Departure

Additional days of coverage may be purchased prior to your departure providing:

  • your request is received prior to your departure date.
  • the total duration of your trip does not exceed 62 days. (32 days plus maximum of 30 additional days.)

After Departure

Additional days of coverage may be purchased after departure providing:

  • your request is received prior to the 32nd day of trip
  • no medical attention has been received during initial term
  • the total duration of your trip does not exceed 62 days. (32 days plus maximum of 30 additional days.)

* Regardless of your age this coverage cannot be extended beyond the stated limitations. Any extension purchased to extend coverage beyond the limitations of the Plan or purchased from another carrier for any portion of your trip will invalidate all coverage for that trip under the Annual Travel Plan.

Contact Manitoba Blue Cross or an authorized agent for further information or to make the necessary arrangements.

The information on this page is for reference only. For complete coverage details, please refer to the Annual and Deluxe Terms and Provisions. In the event of any difference between the terms here and those of the Terms and Provisions, the terms of the provisions shall prevail.