June 28, 2021

New program offers nourishment for the soul

Company news

Manitoba Blue Cross is always seeking new ways to help our members and all Manitobans find accessible mental health services. To add another layer of support, we’ve partnered with Ashley Voth Yoga to offer you the Soul Nourishment program.

This series of yoga, meditation and mudras can bring you some relief in these difficult times. The restorative program includes four sets with varying themes:

• Empowerment to resilience

• Grounding through uncertainty

• Relaxing the mind, body and soul

• Releasing the fear

Each theme includes its own yoga session, audio meditation and mudra. (Mudras are hand gestures that can have a unique effect on the body’s energy channels and bring your awareness inward.)

Use the program regularly or when needed to nourish your soul and bring you peace anytime, anywhere.

Begin the Soul Nourishment program today.

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