January 28, 2022

Manitoba Blue Cross proud recipient of United Way’s Campaign Chair’s Award

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United Way 2021 campaign chair, Greg Bieber stands at a podium during United Way's virtual celebration night.

Manitoba Blue Cross is honoured to be one of four recipients of the United Way’s Campaign Chair’s Award for our 2021 workplace campaign. This award is the highest achievement a workplace can receive from United Way. It recognizes strong campaign growth, incredible leadership and a commitment to the non-profit organization’s vision for a better Winnipeg.

“We are very proud to be recognized by the United Way with the Campaign Chair’s Award,” says Benjamin Graham, Manitoba Blue Cross’s president and CEO. “This is an award that was earned by our entire team who truly put their hearts into giving to this vital organization, but I must commend our campaign chair Michelle Aarts and our workplace committee for the incredible effort and creativity put into our virtual campaign.”

Manitoba Blue Cross raised $106,000 (including company match) for United Way Winnipeg throughout its recent workplace campaign, solely conducted through online activities.

“Our vision to improve the health and well-being of Manitobans is so closely associated with the United Way’s own vision of improving lives and building community throughout Winnipeg,” says Graham. “Our aligned passion means there is no question or hesitation that Manitoba Blue Cross will invest our time, resources and dollars into serving this greater purpose. Because we love Winnipeg.”

Thank you to United Way Winnipeg for recognizing Manitoba Blue Cross and for everything you do for our communities and its people each day.

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