Travel assistance

Failure to contact the Travel Assistance service prior to receiving any treatment may invalidate coverage.

Medical Emergency While TravelIing

Contact the international travel assistance service immediately for benefits verification and procedures.

• In Canada and United States, call toll free 1.866.601.2583

• In all other countries, or if you are having difficulties with the toll free number, call collect 204.775.2583 (country code may be required)

• If unable to call collect, place the call and submit your detailed receipt for the long distance charges with your claim.

For general inquiries, call Manitoba Blue Cross at 204.775.0151 or 1.888.596.1032 (toll-free).

For complete coverage details, please refer to the Terms and Provisions. In the event of any difference between the terms here and those of the Terms and Provisions, the terms of the provisions shall prevail.