Tips when claiming online

Items to have handy

  • To submit claims online, you must be registered for direct deposit. If you are not already set up, you will be prompted to do so when you start the online claim process. You will require the following banking information (only for initial registration):

    - Transit/Branch number (5 digits long)
    - Institution number (3 digits long)
    - Account number (7-12 digits long)
  • Not every claim will require you to submit related receipts and supporting documents, but it’s best to have them handy in case it’s requested. We also recommend you keep them up to 12 months after claiming.

How to increase odds of successful claim submission

  • Before submitting a claim, check your coverage in your online account to confirm the product or service is an eligible benefit and to see if a referral is required from a qualified professional to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Referrals for products must be submitted with your claim, but referrals for services must be on file with us prior to claim submission. You can use the upload documents feature in your online account to submit your referral. Referrals for services will need to be processed in advance so please wait a day or two following the referral submission before submitting your claim.
  • If uploading a receipt or supporting document, ensure the document/image is clear and legible, and all information is visible.
  • If you are coordinating benefits with your spouse’s plan and claiming on their behalf, ensure your spouse submits the claim to their insurer first. Be prepared to enter the amount(s) paid by the other carrier or include a copy of the Explanation of Benefit statement when submitting the claim to Manitoba Blue Cross. If you have HSA coverage, your HSA will be last payer.
  • Do not include shipping and handling charges, warranties or tips/gratuities with your total claim amount as they are not eligible for reimbursement.

Helpful information

  • After claim submission, you can view the status of your claim (along with your claim history) in your online account.
  • If a claim rejects because supporting documentation is missing, you can upload the applicable documents to that specific claim to rectify it. Simply use the search tool in My Claims to find that claim.
  • If you have an HSA plan that requires you to request your balances, you can request a payment in your online account by selecting Request an HSA payment in My Claims. If the claim status indicates an Explanation of Benefits statement is required, you have the ability to upload it into your online account.