March 3, 2022

We stand with the people of Ukraine

Community support
4 Ukranian flags raised by silhouetted hands.

Together with the world, we are observing the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine. Our province has the largest Ukrainian population in Canada with over 180,000 Manitobans identifying as Ukrainian. Many of us have experienced firsthand the influence of this vibrant culture. That’s why this situation affects us in an especially profound way. 

As a caring company, we want to do what we can to support those affected whether they are located abroad or here at home in Manitoba. Members of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, which includes Manitoba Blue Cross, are making a collective donation of $200,000 to the Canadian Red Cross and their Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. These funds will be used to support immediate and ongoing relief efforts and other critical humanitarian activities, both in Ukraine and in surrounding countries. As a further act of caring and support, we will soon fly the Ukrainian flag at our head office located at 599 Empress Street in Winnipeg.

For those of us here at home, we recognize this situation can stir emotions and may cause feelings of uncertainty for you in an already challenging time.  As a reminder to Manitoba Blue Cross members, clients and employees, you have access to a variety of mental health tools and resources through your health benefits plan.  

If traveling during this time, please be extra diligent while in or near affected destinations and follow Government of Canada travel advisories. For travel-specific support, please consult a travel advisor about a plan that’s right for you.

As always, your health and safety are our top priority and we hope there will soon be a positive resolution to this situation.

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