June 28, 2021

Manitoba Blue Cross launches new wellness blog

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Young woman sitting with a laptop looking at content. A baby lays on the couch next to her.

To help keep Manitobans informed and up to date with our ever-changing health and wellness landscape, Manitoba Blue Cross has launched a new blog, Live Well / Be Well.

Featuring in-depth information from our experts throughout the province, Live Well / Be Well focuses on a variety of topics, including:

·        physical health and wellness

·        mental health and wellness

·        nutrition

·        physical activity

·        financial wellness

·        family

·        travel

·        coping strategies

·        self-care/stress-reduction techniques

·        health and wellness in the workplace

·        benefits of various health disciplines (i.e. naturopathy,          acupuncture, osteopathy, etc.)

·        Manitoba Blue Cross benefits and news

Bookmark the Live Well / Be Well blog and read the weekly articles so you can live well and be well.

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