December 4, 2023

Manitoba Blue Cross introduces Blue Choice Conversion plan

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Whether you’ve been laid off, are starting your own business or simply reducing your hours, you may find yourself losing your employer-provided health benefits.

To ensure you are continually protected, Manitoba Blue Cross has created the Blue Choice Conversion plan.

“When you’ve come to rely on your group health benefits, losing that coverage can be stressful,” says Nikki Makar, manager of individual products and sales at Manitoba Blue Cross. “The peace of mind that coverage offers – shielding you from unforeseen expenses and promoting your overall well-being – can be hard to lose. That’s why we created our Blue Choice Conversion plan – so you can rest easy and continue to be covered without interruption.”

Apply within 60 days of your employer group coverage ending, and approval is guaranteed –with no medical questionnaire. Blue Choice Conversion is available as long as you’ve had health and dental benefits from any recognized Canadian group benefits provider within the past 60 days.

What’s included?

The Blue Choice Conversion plan includes coverage for:

  • prescription drugs
  • practitioner services
  • medical equipment, including hearing aids
  • preventative and restorative dental
  • vision
  • ambulance and hospital
  • virtual health services
  • travel within Canada
  • accidental death
  • counselling and support

“Like our other Blue Choice plans, the Blue Choice Conversion plan offers comprehensive coverage – but with the added benefit of guaranteed approval, meaning that pre-existing conditions will automatically be covered,” Makar says.

However, Makar notes that for some there may still be value in getting a quote for a standard individual plan that requires a medical questionnaire as it may result in a plan with a higher drug maximum and be more economical overall.

“No matter your situation, finding replacement coverage can be intimidating,” Makar says. “To help with that, we’ve made the transition process as simple and convenient as possible."

Learn more about the Blue Choice Conversion plan and apply here.

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