October 31, 2023

Manitoba Blue Cross has its most successful United Way campaign yet

Community support
Manitoba Blue Cross staff are dressed up for Halloween as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

For the third year in a row, Manitoba Blue Cross has broken its United Way Winnipeg campaign funding record, raising nearly $135,000 including corporate match – with 97 per cent of employees making a giving decision.

“In a time of high cost of living and economic uncertainty, the response to this year’s campaign was nothing short of incredible,” said Blake Hofer, chair of Manitoba Blue Cross’s campaign. “Seeing employees come together to improve the lives of our fellow Winnipeggers, year after year, makes me truly proud to be a part of Manitoba Blue Cross, and a Manitoban in general.”

This year’s campaign kicked off with a thought-provoking presentation from United Way agency Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), which empowers disconnected youth.

“Our campaign team had the honour of touring RaY’s facility in September, and it was amazing to see the range of services they offer to the community,” Hofer said. “The youth that RaY serves literally carry their lives on their backs, which underscores the importance of ensuring they receive the proper supports.”

Throughout the month, clothing donation boxes were set up throughout the Manitoba Blue Cross office, with all contributions going toward RaY.

The week of the campaign also saw employees participating in Halloween-themed activities, including a costume contest, door-decorating challenge, pumpkin-carving contest, horror movie trivia and relay race.

“From the sheer number of participants at each of the events, it’s obvious that our employees’ Halloween spirit is only outdone by their giving spirit,” Hofer says. “As our campaigns continue to grow, it’s clear that our team is truly committed to giving back to our community. By funding United Way Winnipeg, we leave a powerful impact and make Manitoba an even better place to live.”

Thank you to our United Way campaign team and all our employees for making this possible!

To learn more about RaY, visit their website.

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