January 29, 2024

Free relationship check-up

Company news
A happy man and woman sit on a couch and embrace each other while listening to a counsellor across from them

Manitoba Blue Cross is offering a free relationship check-up to all members and the public for a limited time.

“Every relationship deserves a check-up once in a while. Life can very easily get in the way of our relationships, whether that be with your spouse or partner or a sibling or child. Taking the opportunity to check in with each other can help you reconnect and maintain a positive relationship, which can improve your ability to overcome conflict in the future,” says Jodie Voth, manager of Manitoba Blue Cross’s Employee Assistance Services.

After the free one-time check-up, marriage and family counselling is available at a discounted rate for a limited time with our Marriage & Family Therapy interns, for just $75 per session. (The interns are in their final year of studies and are supervised by an experienced clinical supervisor.)

Capacity is limited! Call today to schedule your free check-up. Contact our intake line at 204.786.8880 or toll-free at 1.800.590.5553.


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