August 30, 2022

Defying gravity in support of Manitobans with disabilities

Community support
President and CEO Benjamin Graham and Director of Sales David Tompkins are smiling and wearing Elvis costumes.

On a sunny August morning, President and CEO Benjamin Graham and Director of Sales David Tompkins rappelled 272 feet down the side of the Manitoba Hydro building.  

But this wasn’t a stunt for the next Mission-Impossible movie (Tom Cruise has yet to return our calls). After a two-year hiatus, the adrenaline-filled Easter Seals Drop Zone was back!  

The annual Drop Zone event raises funds for Manitoba Possible and the provincial affiliate of Easter Seals. Both organizations work to enhance the well-being of Manitobans with disabilities.

While they couldn’t wear blue suede shoes for safety reasons, Ben and Dave donned matching Elvis outfits and took home the Team Costume prize.

“Supporting Manitobans with disabilities is a critical part of maintaining a healthy and happy province,” Graham said. “It’s an honour to support the Easter Seals and Manitoba Possible, who share our daily commitment to making Manitoba an even better place in which to live, work and play.”

Participating in the Drop Zone itself was an amazing experience, Graham added.  

“Going over the edge was a scary proposition, especially when Dave was flying down. Once over the edge and into a rhythm, it was exhilarating!”

Tompkins agreed.

"At the start, I was thinking ‘No way!’” he said. “But as I got going, I became quite exhilarated and settled in and enjoyed the experience.”

Initial projections indicate that this year’s event raised over $70,000. With funding from donors, Manitoba Possible and Easter Seals offer programs for independence building, recreation and service navigation, cultural services for newcomers with disabilities and more.

“Supporting great causes like the Easter Seals and Manitoba Possible helps build communities that we all benefit from,” Tompkins says. “And participating as a company allows us to truly live the Colour of Caring.”

For more information about this year’s Drop Zone event, visit the Drop Zone website.

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