June 27, 2022

Announcing the Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit

News release
Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit

Rachel Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, Victoria Hospital and Benjamin Graham, President and CEO, Manitoba Blue Cross at the opening of the Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit.
Photo credit: Douglas Little Photography

Newest treatment facility at Victoria Hospital now open.

We are pleased to announce Victoria Hospital Foundation has granted Manitoba Blue Cross naming rights to the newest treatment facility at Victoria Hospital. The Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit is now officially open.

With support from Manitoba Blue Cross, a portion of the Victoria Hospital Urgent Care Department has been transformed to create a dedicated therapeutic space designed to provide individualized care in a private and supportive environment conducive to recovery. Urgent Care and mental health teams will work in collaboration to provide specialized mental health assessments and care in a calming, home-like environment. This innovative evidence-based model of care leverages the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the inter-professional team to meet the individual’s unique needs. The six-bed unit is the first integrated space of its kind in Manitoba.

“Given that we are a caring company with deep roots in the community and a mission to improve the health and well-being of all Manitobans, the opportunity to partner with the Victoria Hospital Foundation was a perfect match,” said president and CEO Benjamin Graham. “The partnership is especially meaningful as the funds we contribute will be used to help the most vulnerable among us during a time in their lives when they are most likely in the greatest need of assistance.”

Manitoba Blue Cross looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Victoria Hospital Foundation and are proud that together, we are continuing to build a healthier future for the community in which we live and work.

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