Apply for support

As a not-for-profit organization with a vested interest in the well-being of our fellow Manitobans, Manitoba Blue Cross understands the importance of being a good corporate citizen. We are committed to supporting local organizations that care for the people and communities where we live and work.

Review our criteria and, if your organization qualifies, complete the sponsorship application. (We review sponsorships on an annual basis.)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Are you a registered charity or non-profit organization in Manitoba?
  • Is the event or program consistent with Manitoba Blue Cross’s mission and values?
  • Does the event or program further our business goals and objectives by building understanding of our role, messages and products?
  • Does the event or program provide a cost-effective means of reaching our key audiences?
  • Does the event or program provide opportunities to demonstrate corporate citizenship and leadership? For example, through title sponsorship, media coverage or promotion.

The causes we support, beyond the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation, must fall under one of our other three Colour of Caring pillars:

  • mental health
  • community development
  • health care

If your organization is a good match, submit an application today!

Some requests that meet all the criteria may be turned down due to time constraints, limited budget or because we are addressing your cause in another way.

In general, Manitoba Blue Cross does not support:

  • individuals or individual pursuits
  • for-profit enterprises
  • charities supported by an umbrella organization we already fund
  • political, fraternal, religious or sectarian organizations
  • contract fundraisers or lobbyists
  • capital projects