Have an innovative idea to support mental health in your community? Let us help you!

With a focus on improving the health and well-being of all Manitobans, we want to help passionate people in the community strive to make positive change.

Submit your idea and you could receive $25,000 to help bring it to life.*

Submissions must aim to do one of the following:

Address a unique need that enhances mental health in the community.

Support mental fitness and help reduce mental health challenges.

Create accessible and culturally appropriate mental health services for a targeted community.

Reduce mental health stigma and promote awareness and understanding.

Important dates

Submission period
August 3-September 14
Selection of finalists by the judges
September 15-October 11
Announcement of finalists and public voting
October 12-November 2
Winner announcement
November 16

How to enter

  1. Come up with an innovative idea that supports the health and well-being of Manitobans.
  2. Submit your idea by filling out the entry form by September 14, 2022.
  3. Manitoba Blue Cross judges will select the top entries. Submissions will be judged based on:
  • potential impact (The idea clearly supports mental health in the community and has a perceived logical impact.)
  • practicality (The proposed outcomes/results are clearly written, attainable and meet the components of a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.)
  • innovation (The initiative is original and not currently being done in the community.)
  • scope (The submission clearly outlines an appropriate plan to reach those who need support.)
  • communication of submission (The submission is clearly written, understandable, fully developed and persuasive.)
  • budget (The initiative is achievable within the $25,000 prize money or there is an actionable plan to use existing funds or find additional funding opportunities to ensure project success.)
  1. Top entries will be posted here in mid-October for public voting.
  2. The winning entry – based on public votes – will receive $25,000 to help bring their idea to life!*
Enter as an individual, group, team or workplace!

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Use these resources to help spread the word and support mental health in your community.