Part 1: Empowerment to resilience

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Part 1: Empowerment to resilience

Do I have the strength to continue? How can I adapt to these continuous changes?

Building resilience fosters the strength to adapt and go with the flow. Through these difficult situations, mindfully strengthening the body, mind and soul reinforces the empowerment within.

By building empowerment, we can reduce emotional stress and increase our resilience. Getting through your days will feel more manageable.

This yoga will connect you with your own inner strength and courage, the meditation (audio experience) will create a space of protection that is always available, and the mudra will offer relief from feeling drained.

Some of the content within the following Soul Nourishment program may require physical exertion, may be strenuous, and may cause or aggravate physical injury. Manitoba Blue Cross recommends that you consult a physician before engaging in or otherwise using this content.
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Where can I get more support?

If you have coverage with us, you can call the Employee Assistance Centre at Manitoba Blue Cross at 204.786.8880 or toll free 1.800.590.5553 or TTY 204.775.0586. You can also complete intake and request your first counselling appointment online.