COVID-19 response

We have taken measures and added supports to maintain the health and well-being of our members, clients, partners and employees during the pandemic. We will continue to reassess the situation and adapt while ensuring we follow the evolving measures from the provincial and federal governments.

Accessing services

Our walk-in customer service centre is open for in-person visits.

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For your comfort and convenience, there are alternate ways to access services. Contact us via:

Call centre  

Our call centre remains open from 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. weekdays.

Online inquiries

Submit an online request here.


Access plan information anytime, anywhere through your mybluecross account.

Based on your plan, you can also:

  • submit claims online
  • view coverage and claim payments
  • check benefit eligibility and find out what you need to submit a claim
  • check the status of a claim and view claim history
  • submit supporting documents
  • print or request an ID card
  • view vision eligibility

mybluecross[text-super]®[text-super] mobile app

Manage your plan on your phone with our mybluecross app. You can:

  • submit claims for prescription drugs, vision and extended health services
  • check the status of your claims
  • view and search for past claims
  • upload pictures of your receipts
  • update your direct deposit information
  • check your HSA credit activity
  • view payment history
  • find travel assistance and EAP contact information

Virtual Care

We are partnered with Gotodoctor to provide members with our personal health coverage* access to a virtual care platform. Through Gotodoctor, members can access care from specialists and doctors with complete confidentiality. Eligible members can access the service through Gotodoctor by registering with their Manitoba Blue Cross certificate numbers.

*The service is also available under select employer plans as determined by the employer. To confirm if you have virtual care service in your group plan, please visit your mybluecross online account.

Health Connected

Get support on your health and wellness journey with Health Connected, our wellness platform. Health Connected offers resources and tools to help develop health and wellness skills on your own terms while creating regular and healthier habits.

Benefits include:

  • Health risk and skill assessments, educating you on your current status and how you can improve.
  • Personalized health coaching plans based on your unique health risks, tailored to focus on the physical and mental health areas that matter most to you.
  • Personal or team challenges, keeping your health and wellness journey fun and engaging.
  • Rewards for committing to healthier habits, with a chance to earn points, badges and medals.  

Members can access Health Connected through the home page of their mybluecross® online account.

Counselling support during COVID-19

Employee & Individual Assistance Program

This pandemic has brought unprecedented stress to all Manitobans, from added familial responsibilities to financial insecurity. COVID-19 has caused major shifts in our homes, workplaces and lives, and the need for mental health support is higher than ever. We are here for you during this challenging time and our intake lines remain open to anyone seeking counselling services.

Access counselling services

In-person counselling has resumed and is available upon request. Services are also available by email, phone or online video. Regardless of the counselling method, we are committed to all the usual standards of practice related to confidentiality and privacy that govern counselling practices and our EAP.

Connect Now

We are providing additional support to members and Manitobans during this difficult time through Connect Now. Members with Employee and Individual Assistance program coverage can connect immediately with a mental health professional through our clinical support line without the need for an appointment.

Additional resources

Visit our wellness library for resources developed by counsellors and health care professionals from our Employee Assistance Program and Disability Case Management teams to support the mental, physical and financial health of our fellow Manitobans.

Extended health update

To protect our members’ health, we support the shift to virtual care from many service providers. We will accept claims for virtual services from the following list of provider types as eligible for reimbursement according to the terms of a member’s plan:

  • Audiologists
  • Athletic therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists (limited services)
  • Dietitians
  • Mental health providers, including psychologists, social workers and counsellors
  • Naturopaths
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech therapists

Please visit your mybluecross® online account to confirm the benefits and practitioners covered under your plan.

Short-term disability update

As a result of COVID-19, we recognize there is the potential that some Manitoba Blue Cross members may be required to go on short-term disability due to sickness.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Claims for flu-like symptoms and/or a COVID-19 positive test where the employee was too ill to work will be processed and paid according to regular guidelines, including a plan’s standard elimination period for sickness.
  • As a temporary measure, an attending physician’s statement will not be required at the outset of short term disability claims for flu-like symptoms and a confirmation of illness form may be submitted with the claim application forms (employee statement and employer’s statement).
  • Short-term disability benefits are not payable for members who are off work due to reasons other than sickness, accident or hospitalization, such as:
  • ~being asymptomatic or having mild, non-disabling symptoms.
  • ~self-isolating as they believe they may have been exposed.
  • ~self-isolating as a result of a medical directive or a return from international travel.
  • ~being off work for caregiving responsibilities.
  • ~having reduced work hours and/or income due to less availability of work.

This information is effective September 27, 2022

Travel health update

Effective February 28, 2022, the Government of Canada has lifted the global travel advisory to avoid all travel due to COVID-19. All travel advisories are once again specific to each country. To view a country’s travel advisories, visit the Government of Canada website.

Although the global travel advisory has lifted, community transmission of COVID-19 continues around the world and the recommendation is that all travellers be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure. We recommend you:

  • stay informed of COVID-19 activity at your destination
  • follow any public health measures at your destination
  • use personal protective measures
  • be aware of requirements for returning to Canada and Manitoba

Travel with confidence

Those travellers who are fully vaccinated will be eligible for coronavirus-related health claims provided there is no COVID-related travel advisory for their specific destination. Those who are not yet eligible for a vaccine due to their age will also be covered for coronavirus-related health claims provided there is no COVID-related travel advisory for their specific destination.

Regardless of vaccine status or advisory, Manitoba Blue Cross will honour coronavirus coverage as part of our standard travel health plans for essential workers, like truckers, who are required to travel for work. If you are unsure about your coverage, please contact our customer service centre.

Annual and Deluxe Coronavirus Pandemic Health Plans

For those who have not been fully vaccinated for any reason other than age or for those travelling to a destination with an advisory to "Avoid non-essential travel," we offer the Annual and Deluxe Coronavirus Pandemic Health Plans. Coverage is available for single trips through the Deluxe Blue or Gold Coronavirus Pandemic plans (not Silver) or for multiple trips through the Annual Coronavirus Pandemic plan. These plans have the added coverages of quarantine, taxi to a test site and return to Manitoba should they be travelling and an “Avoid all travel” warning is issued by the Government of Canada while they are away.

Group/Employer Travel Health Benefits

Your policy provides emergency medical coverage for unexpected medical conditions. If you require emergency medical attention for any reason (including coronavirus), your claim will be accepted (providing all other contractual requirements are met).

If you reached the maximum duration of travel as allowed under your group policy, and your return to Canada is delayed, your insurance coverage will automatically extend in the following situations:

  • a medical emergency for which you are hospitalized (coverage extends for 72 hours from discharge).
  • A medically necessary quarantine due to confirmed coronavirus (coverage extends for 72 hours from discharge). This does not extend to individuals who choose to self-quarantine.
  • Your return is delayed due to the fault of the carrier in which you are a fare-paying passenger (coverage will extend for 72 hours from your scheduled return date).

Want to better understand travel health coverage during the pandemic? Find answers to some frequently asked questions here.

For additional travel resources, click here.

Note: Policies for airfare cancellation, holiday cancellation or tour packages purchased between December 15, 2021 and February 27, 2022 are not eligible for cancellation coverage related to coronavirus as the global travel advisory was in place at that time.

Please note that this page reflects the current information available to us as of June 2, 2022. Due to the dynamic nature of this pandemic, it is our utmost priority to update this content as new information becomes available to us. Information here is not a complete listing of your benefits information. For complete and personalized information on your coverage, visit your mybluecross account.